ICO Overview


Initial Coin Offering (ICO) are a means by which funds are raised through a procedure of Crowdfunding where a Company is asking for money in order to realize its scope (eg. produce of a good or offering of a service), and offers as a Counterpart a token that represent a value (eg. a voucher for the purchase of the future services or goods, a means for the use of a new blockchain, a share, a bond, a commodity, or every think the promoter want to represent).

We believe that ICO will be an important means for the financing of Companies. However, ICO are currently unregulated and Investors/users need to be careful when deciding to participate in an ICO.


The coin issued by a Company during an ICO may be or not be a security. If the coin it is not representing a security, than it can be offered to the public by a third party without any authorization.

However, if the token is representing a security (eg. a share, a bond or a token which is giving some financial rights to the owner), than it can be offered to the public or for trading only by authorized entities.

The scope of Bitmax is to obtain an authorization as stock exchange and to be able to trade, in the future, Tokens which will represent a securities. We believe that trading Shares and bonds on the blockchain is more transparent, more secure and much cheaper than using the current solutions.


The Bitmax team is specialized in the structuring of ICO compliant  to the Swiss legal requirements.
Moreover we structure a ICO in a way that allows Investor and users to trust the start up Company through the following services:

Assuring the Investors/user that the start up will realize the Project
(by qualifying the white paper as a prospect which the start up must follow in order not to incur in a criminal offence)

Creating a Connection between the token and the entrepreneurial Project
(using utility coins, which are not securities or even securities coins in the full respect of the legal requirements)

Granting enforcement of the rights represented by the token
(either through a smart contract or the enforcement guaranteed by the Swiss legal system).


Make your ICO compliant with the Swiss legal, regulatory  and tax requirements by obtaining the required rulings


We can help you manage your tokens during the ICO process


Set up a dedicated page for your ICO to collect funds in Fiat currency and manage AML/KYC


Dedicated agreements to plan the sale of collected assets on our exchange